We offer a range of trail riding options for varying levels of experience from complete beginners upwards. Our horses are calm and quiet, ensuring a safe, comfortable ride. Groups are small and all rides are accompanied by a qualified leader. 

Please note, safety is our top priority and as a result our trail rides always cater to the least experienced rider in the group.  Most trail rides will be at a quiet walk, enjoying the beautiful scenery.  Some trotting may be done at the guides discretion for experienced groups.  We do not canter on any of our trail rides.  For the safety and comfort of our horses we have a 90kg weight limit.


Tailored to suit all levels of experience, and age. Ride straight out the gate and into the forest. See native animals, birds and wonderful wildflowers in season.

Prices vary according to length of trail ride.


A beautiful ride through the forest and along the historic Golden Pipeline to the Chidlow Tavern, escorted by an experienced guide. Tie the horses to the hitching rail and go in for a hearty pub meal and a drink. Spend an hour over lunch before re-mounting your steed and riding back to Forge Farm. This is our most popular ride, and is ideal for small groups celebrating a special occasion. Non-riders are welcome to join their friends for the pub meal.

Duration: Approx. 3 hours (including eating time)


Full day camps are suitable for children (ages 8 and up). The day includes lessons, trail rides, grooming competitions, quizzes, learning how to saddle up, gymkhana and as much as we can fit into the day!!

Duration: 7 hours - Full day


A popular activity for younger children. Put your child on a Forge Farm pony and walk with us whilst we lead them through the forest for a one hour ride. This activity is flexible and, should they prefer it, parents can ride along with us whilst we walk with the children.

Duration: 45 minutes


This trail ride goes through the forest with each guest on their own pony/horse. On return to Forge Farm the birthday child is trotted around the arena on Twix the birthday Pony, whilst the group sings happy birthday - The louder you sing the faster she trots!

Then it is time for a carrot for the ponies and a horse shoe for the kids (horse shoes not always available but we do our best).

Duration: 90 minutes


Spend a morning at Forge Farm to get an idea of the responsibility involved in owning a pony of your own. You are taught the safest way to groom, feed, lead, saddle and unsaddle your pony and muck out the yard.  As a reward for the hard work there is an hour long riding lesson included in this package.

Duration: 3 hours (selected mornings and afternoons during school holidays)